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The future of
EMDR therapy

Sero Stones are modern bilateral stimulation devices designed to be used at home, controlled remotely.
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Our story

A better way to recover from trauma

As trauma survivors ourselves, we realize the value of care that can meet you where you are. Our goal is to make the best trauma care accessible to more people.

Current EMDR devices on the market were not designed for modern, telehealth sessions or to be used at-home.

With feedback 500 wonderful EMDR therapists, we built Sero Stones - Modern tappers built for the 21st century.
Ciarán Murphy and Tyler Beaty
The co-founders of Sero

All forms of BLS at your finger tips

Tactile BLS

Precise vibrations

Customize the intensity of the vibration from soft purr to a strong pulse and everything in between

Visual BLS

Lights to guide

Built in LEDs to guide lateralized eye-movements which can be used alongside tactile BLS.

Auditory BLS

Use your own headphones

A range of calming and engaging tones

“Sero Stones have quickly become an essential part of my EMDR toolkit.”

Anthony Folino, M.A., LPCC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

The Sero App

Available for iOS with Android support coming soon.
Remote EMDR sessions
Sero Stones can be controlled remotely by a therapist for remote EMDR therapy sessions.
Easily track sets and pairs
Your focus should be on the client, not counting!
Effortlessly adjust speed and intensity
Quickly adjust from resourcing to processing speeds that are personalized to each client.

Simple, wireless charging

Sero Stones snap into place on their included wireless charger that will keep them charged and ready to go

Silky smooth finish

Sero Stones beg to be held with their silky smooth soft-touch finish and comfortable ergonomics.

Slim and wireless

Designed for all hand sizes and slim enough to be slipped into socks, pockets, or sleeves

Built to last for years

Premium materials that are safe to disinfect in between in-person sessions and resist dust and water

“I can't live without my Sero Stones. All of my clients love how simple and calming they are.”

Agnes Wohl, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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Sero X Kinsey Institute

Progressing EMDR research

We've partnered with The Kinsey Institute Traumatic Stress Research Consortium to explore how Sero Stones impact treatment outcomes when used in-between sessions.