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Sero Stones


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Est. delivery December '22

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Pre-order perks

- Lifetime subscription to the Sero App ($400 value)
- First access to new products and features
- Lifetime product support
30-day returns, 1-yr warranty, cancel your pre-order anytime.

The Sero App

Available for iOS with Android support coming soon.
Offer remote EMDR sessions
As a therapist, you can control your client's Sero Stones remotely from your smartphone.
Easily track sets and pairs
Your focus should be on the client, not counting!
Effortlessly adjust speed and intensity
Quickly adjust from resourcing to processing speeds that are personalized to each client.
the process

Simple to use in person and remote!

Connect your Sero Stones
Charge up your Sero Stones and connect them to your Sero app using Bluetooth.
Give your therapist access
Share your unique code with your therapist so they can connect to your Sero Stones.
Enjoy your session!
Sit back and relax as your therapist controls your EMDR sessions remotely.

The Sero Stone difference

Premium tactile BLS

We use a high-quality, long-lasting motor to deliver smooth and powerful tapping that is consistent and reliable

Lights for

Sero Stones have built in lights that guide a client's lateral eye movements.

Wireless charging

Sero Stones snap into place on their included wireless charger that will keep them charged and ready to go

“I can't live without my Sero Stones. All of my clients love how simple and calming they are.”

Agnes Wohl, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Silky smooth finish

Sero Stones beg to be held with their silky smooth soft-touch finish and comfortable ergonomics.

Slim and wireless

Designed for all hand sizes (even kiddos!) and slim enough to be placed under the legs or in socks or pockets

Built to last for years

Premium materials that are safe to disinfect in between in-person sessions and resist dust and water


Here are some common questions you might have.
"Can clients pre-order Sero Stones?"
Absolutely! Sero Stones were designed for clients so they can have remote BLS sessions at home. When connected remotely, they can give their therapist full control over the speed and intensity.
"Can Sero Stones be used in person?"
Yes! Sero Stones can be used in person as well as for remote EMDR sessions.
"Is there a subscription cost?"
There is NO subscription cost for those who pre-order Sero Stones. In the future as we continue to add new features to the Sero app, you will receive them with no additional cost.